Please be advised that Michael P. Cotter has resigned, effective April 30, 2023, as Standing Trustee and that his Chapter 13 cases have been reassigned to Gregory D. Stefan, Chapter 13 Trustee on May 1, 2023.

Meeting of Creditors

A vital part of the bankruptcy process is the Meeting of Creditors or what is commonly referred to as a 341 hearing. As a creditor you may wish to examine the debtor during this time. If you do wish to examine, you may want to seek bankruptcy counsel. In an effort to help make the 341 hearing as successful as possible, please visit the Meeting of Creditors page to help you prepare for and attend the 341 hearing.

Online Access

Creditors or creditors' counsel may access claims information related to a trustee's bankruptcy case through 13Network at If you have not registered for the trustee's 13Network site then please fill out a website access agreement and fax or email it to the trustee's systems manager. Once your agreement has been reviewed, the systems manager will email your account details to you.


The trustee's office makes payments to creditors that have properly filed a Proof of Claim by primarily two methods: paper checks and ACH payments which we refer to as EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer).

Paper Checks

Payments to creditors are processed once a month and mailed to the payment address on the Proof of Claim unless a Transfer of Claim or Creditor Change of Address has been filed with the court. Attached to every creditor check is a voucher that lists information to aid in posting the payments correctly to the creditor's system. Outside of the Trustee's monthly disbursment creditors may receive payments from a manual process or through closing a case.

EFT Payments (ACH)

A creditor that elects to can receive payments via EFT. An EFT Authorization Form needs to be submitted to the Trustee's office. Once received, the Trustee's office will review the form and setup the system. Depending on when the form is received, will dictate if payments will take effect in the current payment cycle or the next payment cycle. Voucher information will need to be provded for the payment and can be provided by three methods.


The trustee's office can provide a PDF copy of your voucher each month. Just provide and email address you would like this voucher to be send to. This format is identical to the paper voucher that would have been attached to the physical check.


A creditor can always take advantage of the NDC at to view voucher information related to an EFT payment. The NDC may charge for access to this service dependent on the size of the creditor. A creditor that deals with multiple payments from several trustees may want to take advantage of this service as the creditor would be able to review them all from this one service.


If you have an existing 13Network account or establish an account, the trustee can link your 13Network login with your Name record which would allow you to view your voucher information online.

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