Please be advised that Michael P. Cotter has resigned, effective April 30, 2023, as Standing Trustee and that his Chapter 13 cases have been reassigned to Gregory D. Stefan, Chapter 13 Trustee on May 1, 2023.

Meeting of Creditors

A vital part of the bankruptcy process is the Meeting of Creditors or what is commonly referred to as a 341 hearing. This process introduces your client to the Trustee that will be administering your clients case and likewise the Trustee to your client. It also allows your creditors to be heard if they choose. In an effort to help make your 341 hearing as successful as possible, please visit the Meeting of Creditors page to help you and your client prepare for and attend the 341 hearing.

Online Access

Debtors' counsel may access their clients bankruptcy cases through 13Network at If you have not registered for the trustee's 13Network site then please fill out a website access agreement and fax or email it to the trustee's systems manager. Once your agreement has been reviewed, the systems manager will email your account details to you.

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