Please be advised that Michael P. Cotter has resigned, effective April 30, 2023, as Standing Trustee and that his Chapter 13 cases have been reassigned to Gregory D. Stefan, Chapter 13 Trustee on May 1, 2023.

Meeting of Creditors

A vital part of the bankruptcy process is the Meeting of Creditors or what is commonly referred to as a 341 hearing. This process introduces you to the Trustee that will be administering your case and likewise the Trustee to you. It also allows your creditors to be heard if they choose. In an effort to help make your 341 hearing as successful as possible, please visit the Meeting of Creditors page to help you prepare for and attend your 341 hearing.

Online Access

You may access your bankruptcy case information through the National Data Center (NDC) at Follow the self-registration process on their site to get started. Data on the site is updated daily and reflects up to the close of business the previous day.


This trustee's office has two approved methods of payments for paying your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

First Payment

After filing your bankruptcy case, your first payment is critical to the success of your case and must be made within 30 days of your petition being filed. If you fail to make this payment, your case may be brought before the court for dismissal.


Nationwide TFS is an online service allowing the user to control when payments occur by directly deducting from the user's bank account. There is an easy enrollment process online at There is a small fee associated with each transaction. A schedule of those fees is listed on the TFS website. This option gives you more control, however, please remember that you need to pay your bankruptcy monthly or else you may be up for dismissal.


You can choose to have your current Employer deduct your payment from your wages. Consult with your attorney if you would like to use this option. Your employer will receive a Confirmation Order from the Court directing to the amount, the duration of payments and where to mail the payments. This will occur when your case gets confirmed which can take on average 3 to 4 months. You are still responsible for making your payments while your case is pending confirmation.

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